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Recinciliation Resources Volunteer Prison Chapel Coordinators

The Regional Psychiatric Center Ministry is a pivotal arm of our outreach at Reconciliation Resources. It's a haven where the transforming power of God's love reaches out to those struggling with mental health issues within the confines of the justice system. By integrating spirit-directed discipleship with a therapeutic approach, we provide a unique ministry that fosters holistic healing and reconciliation.

Our dedicated team of volunteers serves both male and female inmates through monthly chapel services, infusing their routines with the Gospel's light and hope. In addition to sharing the Good News through worship, sermons, and communion, we prioritize building personal connections, believing that individual relationships are fertile grounds for transformative work. Whether it's through our post-service coffee sessions, prayer, or simple fellowship, we create opportunities for meaningful interactions that serve to reassure these inmates of their inherent worth in Christ and the promise of spiritual renewal. This ministry continually witnesses the hunger for God amongst the inmates and takes joy in addressing it, testifying to the transformative power of Christ's love.

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... But the labourers are few

We are looking for volunteers. If you feel God's call to chip into the work we are doing, we would love to hear from you.



Prison Ministry Volunteer

I came across RR Ministry through my daughter but have come to know Darryl and Jodi as people after God’s own heart; like David. I wanted to contribute in any way I could, so I serve in fundraising, and asked to serve with The Lighthouse ministry as homeless people are always on my heart and RR ministry offered me an opportunity to share my faith. Some of my favourite moments are praying with the residents at The Lighthouse. Although the prison ministry is new, it is one of the most awesome of opportunities that the ministry had afforded me to witness. I love all that they do to spread the Word and I wish I could contribute more. I am 100% behind them in ALL that they are trying to accomplish! I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. So happy to share in this ministry.


Prison Ministry Volunteer

I was deeply passionate about working with the prison ministry. Now, thanks to RR, I have the opportunity to collaborate with the prison ministry, specifically with RPC in Saskatoon. We engage with the prisoners, offering prayers, lending an ear to their tales, singing alongside them, and conveying the Gospel of Christ. I feel blessed that the Lord is channeling His grace through me here in Saskatoon.


Prisons Ministry Volunteer

I met Darryl and Jodi through the Elim Choir. I am part of the RR Prison Outreach Team. I assist in preaching and leading worship in the RPC Men’s Chapel Service monthly. The Prison Team have the opportunity to welcome the Holy Spirit into a place that is considered to be Satan’s territory. It is my prayer that God’s Word, whether in word or song, will change lives for eternity.


Divorce Care for Kids Volunteer

Jodi and I first met in choir. I knew that she was working on her master’s degree in counselling and was involved in Elijah House. I could sense her desire to reach out to the marginalized in society. As I had been involved in First Nations ministries for 20 years, I, too, felt that Saskatoon could benefit from a ministry that ministered to society’s hurting and often over-looked.Our society is filled with individuals who need to be shown Christ’s unconditional love. I looked forward to my Monday nights from September to December as I worked with children in Divorce Care for Kids (DC4K). As a parent was participating in the sessions, the child was learning, in a loving, non-judgemental, fun- filled atmosphere, how he or she could deal with the many changes that were happening in their home. They learned that it is normal to experience differing feelings. They were taught appropriate coping mechanisms and God honouring behaviour. They were guided through stories and videos that divorce is not their fault. They were shown that people care, and that Jesus is always with them to successfully navigate them through their parent’s divorce.

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