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The team serving Reconciliation Resources

Jodi Bryant

Jodi is a gifted, vibrant educator, an inspirational speaker, a credentialed, licensed, and ordained minister (PAOC: #219873), and a professional certified counsellor supervisor (PACCP: CPCS #551SK14; having held national and provincial board positions for the Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists). She is an Executive Life and Spiritual Life Coach (ACSTH [ICF approved hours]: CEC # 44205). She holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, a BA in Pastoral Ministries, and a B.Ed. (with concentrations in Music & Psychology), is a published writer, and holds multiple certifications specializing in her vocational fields. She is presently pursuing doctoral studies.Jodi is a motivator of people, moving them toward life transformation and restoration. Jodi brings a vast knowledge to her ministry from her fields of expertise and her own remarkable journey towards freedom spiritually, physiologically, mentally, and emotionally through the restorative healing power of Jesus Christ.

Knowledge and experience in naturopathic healing and Western medicine also played a significant role in Jodi’s healing and recovery. Above all, Jodi is a child of the Most High God where her True identity empowers her to become all God has called and purposed her to become. It’s through “being in Christ” that has allowed Jodi to “do in Christ”.Jodi asked Jesus in her heart alongside an African girl, at a Christian Bible camp off the BC coast when she was nine. Since that time, she has seen Jesus’ handprints in every area of her life. Her family had its issues, like every family, but Jesus wasn’t a part of the solution to resolve any of them, attending church was rare, and pleasing her family felt hopeless. She looks back and perceived how Jesus divinely led and protected her through Christian mentors, teachers and her friends’ families over the course of her traumatic childhood and youth. In Grade 8, she began attending a youth group and grew in her faith as a follower of Jesus Christ and sensed a call to leadership and ministry. She was baptized through immersion and experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in high school and sensed a call to ministry early on.

When she met Darryl at her public school’s Christian club, there were mature Christian teachers who to this day are some of her mentors. Darryl and Jodi dated and married, went to university together, and entered pastoral ministry.Jodi’s life story is one of breaking free and healing from the myriad of past emotional wounds from the impact of fear, trauma, rejection, neglect, shame, and anxiety that affected her wellbeing and crippled her health. Along with studying and ministering, she loves to lead worship. She wrote her first song in Grade 6. Her debut album, Reconciliation, has earned her royalties since 2000, with Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI), and most recently with YouTube, CD Baby and its distributors. Its title debut song has had radio/TV airtime and was used in the March for Jesus in Washington, DC, and in one of the six Barak Obama’s inauguration prayer rallies of 2009. Her original songs continue to be used throughout Canada, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the United States. Years ago, Jodi won the Incubator Records Singer/Songwriter international competition in Portland, OR.

In the past, Jodi successfully built a 6-figure income, earning multiple top personal and team national sales (in the top 1% of North America) and national recruiting (in the top 1% of North America) and achievement awards. She’s been president of a national woman’s organization, board member/chair of provincial not-for profit organizations, and a national senior business trainer for a well-known North American direct sales company. Jodi recently retired from the public school system after having  taught most grade levels and diverse subjects, in over four school districts since 1991. Presently, she operates LifeChange Coaching Counselling & Consulting, and is the Founder and Executive Director of Reconciliation Resources.Jodi has been married to her husband, Darryl, for over 33 years and they have raised three “men-in-training”. They operate and live in a Mental Health Approved Home. She and her husband Darryl are active church members and partners in mission with both Elim and The Neighbourhood Church in Saskatoon.

Darryl and Jodi Bryant

Darryl Bryant  is a co-founder of Reconciliation Resources (RR) along with Jodi. He is a former pastor, pastoral counsellor, and life coach who serves with Jodi in her coaching, counselling, and consulting charity, LifeChange, one of the pillars of RR. He loves to preach, sing, and play the guitar. As her husband, Darryl supported her in the answering of that call and serves in its leadership. He was born in a Christian family and came to Christ early responding to an altar call from a visiting evangelist. Darryl has a Master of Divinity and a BA in Psychology with a minor in Biblical Studies. As a teenager, Darryl felt felt a call to ministry while serving in a street evangelism team where he grew up in Langley, BC. He went on to educational training for pastoral ministry and served in three churches in BC and SK before opening a home for people with mental illness in 2010.
Truly, this ministry is not a ‘new’ ministry to Darryl and Jodi. It’s really been their life mission – they’ve been in the ministry of reconciliation for decades. Reconciliation Resources was first an evangelistic worship music ministry based in British Columbia. In the early 90’s, Jodi began a worship & praise group and the small Victoria church where Darryl pastored. She and her worship team would lead worship. Eventually, they began to tour/sing/share at local rallies, churches and events (e.g., March for Jesus, Folk Fest, Joy Fest, etc.,) and preach about God’s transformational love and healing power, using the funds raised (from their line of original merchandise/offerings/donations) to help the broken and marginalized in the communities she served in. Eventually, the group became “Reconciliation Worship Band”. They wanted to use their worship music to see the Holy Spirit transform lives with the healing power of Jesus Christ.

Out of a life of praise and obedience, Jodi developed a hunger for prayer and intercession and felt burdened for people in her circle of influence who needed healing, but few knew where to go for help. As she pursued knowledge for her own healing journey, she began finding the resources to disciple others in their journey. She yearned to see them experience healing encounters with Jesus through prayer ministry and spiritual direction. When Darryl was called out of BC to pastor a small church in Saskatoon (2002), Jodi was invited by others in the song writing industry to form Saskatoon Christian Songwriters, and she continued her music ministry, in addition to helping other singer/songwriters present their message of the Gospel to local venues, restaurants, and churches. For a decade, Jodi pursued her own healing while being a pastor’s wife, mom, and teacher. As she learned how to heal, she had the passion to teach, train, and see others heal. Because of this, Jodi started a local and online prayer group called Sanctuary so as to begin to meet the overwhelming needs of those who needed emotional healing. It was out this group where God spoke to her about the next assignment from Him.

JODI: I remember one explicit spiritual experience that happened, out of one of the many venues we were asked to intercede at, over four years ago now, while operating the Sanctuary Intercessor Team in Saskatoon. This specific ‘divine intervention’ was the impetus on which Darryl and I made the commitment in faith to formally begin the RR mission in Saskatoon. Our Sanctuary team was interceding at a Saskatoon revival conference.

I was in worship and interceding over the overwhelming needs of families in our city, burdening so many of the followers of Christ: addictions, grief, suicide, rebellious children, gender confusion, human trafficking, divorce, prostitution, etc… I was grieved – “How could any one person even make a difference?” I felt sorrow…. As I prayed, I began to weep…I remember asking Jesus if there is any way He wanted me to help? What could I do to make any difference? I really wasn’t expecting an answer. In this time of intimate worship and contemplation, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me a picture in my mind of a large red ruby jewel with vein-like streams flowing out of it. I saw it as the heart of Saskatoon and all her amazing ministries. I heard the Lord clearly say, “Jodi, will you connect the streams?” He was asking me to help connect people to their area or purpose in the Kingdom, find what ministries were available in our city, and help facilitate unmet ministries in Saskatoon. I was to help within the Church and reach out of her four walls and share the Gospel message to those God was leading to us – the broken, wounded, and marginalized. God wants to see the broken and marginalized in our city and their families reconciled to God, and for them to be transformed spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically by the healing power of Jesus Christ and become equipped to fulfill their earthly purpose. Over 56 support-raising meetings and 80 interviews later, we launched. I had already begun my required ordination hours facilitating spiritual care programs in our church so serving as a “community pastor, counsellor, and educator” seemed natural.Jodi was recently ordained by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada!

Jodi's Ordination

Darryl Blessing Jodi After Her Ordination

Post-ordination prayer time 1

Post-ordination prayer time 2